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Unemployed Romance
♫ OST/Soundtrack ♫

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What Kind of Goodbye
♫ OST/Soundtrack ♫

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Jessica & Krystal
♫ OST/Soundtrack ♫

Running Man
♫ OST/Soundtrack ♫

KARA Project
♫ OST/Soundtrack ♫

37 thoughts on “Kdrama List

  1. Stopped on by after receiving your invite to check out your page. Great page with a variety of OST. Will definitely make this one of my go to sites for downloads. Also, as I get more and more into my blogging, I’ll make sure to reference you for suggestions of ost downloads

    Delusions of a Kdrama Wannabe

  2. pls help me download, i seem to be having problem when trying to download. Also pls i cant see boys before flowers.

    • I Can’t cuz i have to host the files in many hosting site. maybe you could tell me what host that you probably getting confused with, I’ll be happy to help you 🙂

  3. Hey,i love your website it’s amazing but I’m having some problems I’m unable to download ‘flower boys next door’ and ‘prime minister and I’ plz I really want to download it,and upload ‘to the beautiful you’ thanks and waiting for your reply.

  4. Hi, I have been trying for so long to download korean series. I am using a blackberry 9900 phone, wenever I get lucky, the reply is always that the film cannot be displayed even after downloading it. Please can u give me suggestion on how to go about it? How can I register here? I tried to no avail. By the way, u have good collections here. Keep up the good work.

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